"f you want to lead others, you must start with yourself."

John Adair

"We train through experience.

The aim is not to learn how to control a horse, but to learn to control your own fear, doubts, anger as well as happiness and the feeling of success."


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Action offer

We also offer special seminars for those who would like to learn more about themselves within the given topic.



If we become a mother or a father, we do our best to raise our children. However, there is one thing, our parents gave us their behavioral patterns with all positives and mistakes, which we unknowingly  copy further on.

What should the right parents be like?

  • listen to the child
  • be empathic
  • help the child build self-confidence
  • teach children self-control
  • set limits and borders
  • last but not least - they should know how to praise the child

What you can expect from the seminar:

  • self-recognition, analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • deeper understanding of your leadership style in the family
  • you will learn about the amount of self-confidence and respect you elicit in your child
  • awareness of your own energy and pace you use to influence the whole family
  • ability to concentrate at the given moment
  • self-recognition in work with pressure and under pressure
  • understanding the power of decisive action
  • a possibility to learn about the level of empathy and trust you have

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You can learn all this and much more at the "Self-recognition with horses" seminar. At the seminar, you do not ride on the horse, you work with it from the ground and you gain an immediate feedback for you. Horses will disclose your behavioral patterns and they will show you how to improve your relationship with children based on respect and trust.

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Horsepartner photo
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