"If you want to lead others, you must start with yourself."

John Adair

"We train through experience.

The aim is not to learn how to control a horse, but to learn to control your own fear, doubts, anger as well as happiness and the feeling of success."


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The "Leadership with horses" seminar is suitable for those who wish to learn about and develop their skills to lead themselves or a team of people. Horses intuitively perceive our self-confidence, determination and energy, they immediately reflect the way they perceive a person. Without any kind of assessment or deprecation, they give us a simple, clear response to our impact on them.

Whan you can expect from the seminar:

  • self-recognition, analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • deeper understanding of your leadership style
  • you will learn about the amount of self-confidence and respect you elicit in people
  • awareness of your own energy and pace you use to influence the whole team
  • ability to concentrate at the given moment
  • self-recognition in work with pressure and under pressure
  • understanding the power of decisive action
  • a possibility to learn about the level of empathy and trust you have

Experience shows that feedback given by horses is very benefitial, it is positively accepted by the people and people tend to willingly change their behaviour based on what the horses showed.

Horsepartner photo
Horsepartner photo
Horsepartner photo