"If you want to lead others, you must start with yourself."

John Adair

"We train through experience.

The aim is not to learn how to control a horse, but to learn to control your own fear, doubts, anger as well as happiness and the feeling of success."


Horsepartner photo

Why horses

Beautiful and huge strength of a horse can infinitely influence people. We can perceive better the world around us when horses are present and we can focus on our inner world. Standing face to face to this beautiful animal, gain its attention and communicate with it means to shed all masks and roles and to be here and now, at the very moment, just as we are and who we really are.


  • have a strong instinct for social relationhips
  • relationships in a herd always come first and they are based on trust, clear communication and clear positions
  • they have a similar social strategy of survival based on hierarchy and leadership
  • they trust their instincts, they divide roles in the herd and they choose their natural leaders
  • horses are masters of non-verbal communication, they are masters of body-language

Horses intuitively see who we really are, they are not interested in who we think we are.

Horsepartner photo
Horsepartner photo
Horsepartner photo